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Where do I start?

The perfect time to talk to your building about the construction of your new home is during the early stages of property selection and design. If you have completed your plans or are just beginning, we will work with you to develop a budget that suits your custom home. It is also a good idea to work with your builder at the beginning on the site plan to select the orientation of the home for privacy, function and scenic view. When we consider carefully all the aspects of the site conditions we can ensure the appearance of the home is to your liking and will help you save lots of money in future renovations.

There are three main types of contracts for the construction of your home:

  • Firm Bid
  • Cost Plus Fee
  • Construction Management

We can discuss further the relative advantages of each of these approaches when we meet. When we take on your building project, our primary goal is to ensure that the resulting home meets your expectations and exceeds your vision. In order to accomplish this we believe that it is vital to work closely with you throughout the project, listening carefully to your concerns and paying particular attention to detail. If you have any questions, comments or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us at We would be delighted if we could have the opportunity to chat with you about the building of your home.

The Process

Initial Consultation – Discuss needs/wants/likes/dislikes and critical design/lifestyle information of what you are looking for in your new home.
Concept Drawings – These are based on the initial consultation and designed to your exact specifications and budget requirements.
Working Drawings – Prepare detailed working drawings which will be used for permit application submission.
Building Start – Upon receipt of building permit on site work begins. During this process we will set up meetings at various milestones.
Building During – Monthly/Weekly updates including photographs are sent to you to keep you informed about the entire building process. Here you have complete control to make any and every change necessary throughout the build to ensure your new custom home is exactly what you want.
Building Completion – Upon completion a thorough site inspection is performed in which we will provide you with all manuals and warranty materials.