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Bathroom fixtures are some of the most exciting things to choose for your custom-built home, especially bathtubs and toilets. And there are plenty to choose from. For toilet you can up the level of comfort by choosing a bidet toilet instead of a conventional one. And the one we usually recommend our customers to install is the Toto s350e bidet. Based on customer’s demand today we’re going to review the Toto s350e.

First of all, bidet seats require and electrical outlet to operate. K.J. Construction outfits all custom homes with electrical outlets near the toilet for installations such as these ones at no extra cost to the customer. So you can definitely install a bidet later on if you haven’t decided on one yet. But if you have, K.J. Construction will help you install your bidet seat too.

The Toto s350e is a special bidet because it has all the features a bidet would have. Besides heated seats and a comfortable nozzle spray, this bidet is able to clean and sanitize itself with electrolyzed water. It also has a nightlight for those who need to use the toilet at night. And just in case you don’t remember to open or close the toilet lid, this bidet will do it for you automatically.

You may be wondering what electrolyzed water is right? When ordinary tap water is mixed with sodium chloride and an electric current is passed through it, it becomes a very useful, safe and powerful disinfectant. Electrolyzed water can kill many viruses and bacteria while being safe for our bodies which is why hotels and restaurants use it all the time to clean. The great thing about this bidet seat is that each time you flush the toilet, electrolyzed water is released to disinfect the toilet. So there won’t be any lingering bacteria and viruses in your toilet and you can keep your toilet clean with minimal effort.

The special features don’t stop there. You can program this bidet seat to remember your wash settings so you don’t have to make adjustments each time. It is operated by remote control so it provides a compact and beautiful design for your bathroom. Contrary to popular belief, bidet seats don’t take much more energy than you use on a daily basis. And to provide more of a guarantee, the Toto s350e comes with an energy saver mode. It will recognize your bathroom patterns and reduce the heat of the seat at times when you’re less likely to use the toilet.

What we like about this bidet is also the design. It’s a very slim toilet seat even with all those electrical components built-in. You can get it in elongated or round form. With most constructions that we do, you would be installing an elongated toilet seat.

All in all this is absolutely the best Japanese toilet seat ever invented so if you want to install something special for your new home this is the perfect product! Toto is an exceptional brand and we can tell you from our experience that you can rely on the quality of their toilet products.

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