Building with K. James Construction
The best time to discuss the construction of your new home with your builder is during the early stages of property selection and preliminary design.

Whether you are just beginning, or have your plans completed, we will work with you and/or your designer to develop a budget that suits your home. If you need help in the design of your home, we have many architects and designers who can help you to create the home of your dreams.

It is also beneficial, in the beginning, to work with your builder, on the site plan (1) with regard to orientation of the home for privacy, function and scenic view. Careful consideration of all aspects of site conditions will contribute to the appearance of the home on the lot and can also save money (2).

There are three main types of contracts for the construction of your home:

Firm Bid (3)
Cost Plus Fee (4)
Construction Management (5)
We can discuss further the relative advantages of each of these approaches when we meet.

When we take on your building project, our primary goal is to ensure that the resulting home meets and exceeds your vision. To accomplish this, we believe that it is essential to work closely with you throughout the project, listening carefully to your concerns and paying particular attention to detail.

If you have any questions, comments or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us at 613.267.3543 or

We would be delighted if we could have the opportunity to quote the building of your home. Thank you for taking some time to consider K. James Construction to construct your dreams.

1. The Site Plan:
All sites have features to be utilized whether it is location or orientation, an experienced builder will assist you in choosing the optimal location for your home. Some things considered are orientation to the sun for solar gain, maximizing site conditions to save on fill materials, drainage and optimal sight lines to natural features.

2. Avoiding Costly Things:
Rock removal at the beginning of your project can save your budget for more important things.

3. Firm Bid:
Also called a stipulated price contract is an agreement to provide a specified product for a specified price. The product is represented by the plans and specifications used at the time of quotation. This type of contract will typically include allowances for items such as kitchens and light fixtures where the difference is refunded or billed outside of the contract.

4. Cost Plus:
This type of contract provides less restriction on changes where the owner and contractor agree to a budget and the contract value is determined by the cost of construction plus the markup to cover overhead and profit.

5. Construction Management:
K. James Construction also provides a construction management service were we oversee the management of your project from design through completion.